Let’s Dream A Little…

Let’s Dream A Little…

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Let’s Dream A Little…

Here’s something a little bit different. In this post there’s no historical records, no list of perfect games, no spotlight on a great player, no anecdotes about Babe Ruth, no talk of who should or should not be in the Hall of Fame.

Just a moment for reflection…reflection on the great game of baseball and what it meant to us as kids. And there’s just something about a kid in a baseball stadium with a glove that warms the heart. I can’t explain it, but you know what I mean!

This great photo was sent to me by my friend, John Quinlan. The caption on it reads: “Someday, I’ll…”

OK, it was probably staged, but I really don’t care…

The photo was taken at Tiger Stadium in the early 1960’s. I don’t have any more information on who the kid is or why he’s there sitting alone in the bleachers. But there’s something about the photo that conjurers up that wonderful quality of baseball where kids are allowed to dream big dreams. I think all of us who love baseball experienced that at one time or another in our youth. Every kid wants to be a major leaguer, doesn’t he? Some make it…and some don’t. But all kids have dreams, and baseball gives every one of them a chance to dream big. I have a feeling that’s what this kid was thinking as he sat there.

John says the photo has special meaning for him, as it brings him back to his childhood. He didn’t make it as a major league ball player, but he was fortunate to spend his career associated with the game he loved in a different way:

“From the time the memory bank/ dreamscape stated (about age 6), I always wanted to be a baseball announcer. People back then in the day said, ‘Oh, that’s too difficult, few jobs, and you had to know someone in the business.’ After years of persistence, I made it. Dreams don’t always come true but thank God (and others) mine did. It’s not as glamorous as some think, a lot of hard work but who could ask for a better workplace to paint a words portrait of the game you love on a green canvas.”

Ahh…baseball, kids, and dreams…what a great combination!

If you’d like to share any thoughts that come to mind while gazing at this photo, please share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

Gary Livacari

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  1. Paul Doyle · June 26, 2017 Reply

    For people of a certain age,this is true.
    Before the advent of 24 hour media, the
    Advancement of the other team sports,
    Kids dreamed what the essay mentions.

    The pace of the game and the prevalence of sports seasons intersecting year round, I’m not sure this prevails as much.

    However, our memories and dreams continue as our arrested adolescence
    Always drifts back and locks in on our 12 years of age memories of the game.

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