I’m an Author! “Memorable World Series Moments!”

I’m an Author! “Memorable World Series Moments!”

Hey…Check this out!

Yours truly is now officially an “author”…or something like that!… with the publication of my first e-book: “Memorable World Series Moments!”

The book is in two parts. Part One is a collection of short essays covering 26 of my favorite World Series “incidents,” including the Babe Ruth “Called Shot” from 1932 and the Ernie Lombardi “Snooze” from 1939.

Part Two is “Gary’s Handy Dandy World Series Reference Guide,” which is a collection of interesting World Series records and other related World Series information.

Here’s an Amazon link to the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077L85D7C/ref=sr_1_1

Since this is my first publishing effort, I’ve decided to donate all profits from my humble efforts to the to the Lake County, Illinois Veterans Foundation. I’m a 25-year military veteran myself, so I thought this would be a great place to send any profits. (At $1.99, there might not be a heck of a lot to donate!)

Here’s link to the Lake County, Illinois Veterans Foundation: http://www.lakevetsfound.org/
Thanks for all of your support over the 3+ years Ronnie and I have been “at the helm” of the Old-Time Baseball Photos Facebook page. It’s all greatly appreciated.

And thanks for the encouragement many of you have given me to write a baseball e-book. I finally figured out how to do it!

Do you have a baseball book project in mind that would make a nice e-book, but you need help getting going? Contact me, I can professionally edit your project and show you how to effortlessly self-publish and convert into a paperback! Livac2@aol.com

I'm a baseball historian who also loves to write. My forte is identifying ballplayers in old photos, and my specail interest is the Dead Ball Era.


  1. Larry Rockensuess · November 18, 2017 Reply

    Congratulations!!!!!! I am VERY happy for you. Someday, I’ll have to share with you my story about Harry Chiti.

  2. Gary Livacari · November 19, 2017 Reply

    Thanks Larry! I’d be interested in hearing your story about Harry Chiti…might make for an interesting post! Let me know…

  3. Ken DiVincenzo · November 19, 2017 Reply

    Gary, Great news! I’m a person who likes the smell and the feel of a book in my hands. I guess now I’ll have to buy my first e-book. Cheers to you Gary.

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