Christmas and Baseball Through the Years!

Christmas and Baseball Through the Years!

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Baseball and Christmas! Photo Gallery
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 Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the entire “crew” here at Old Time Baseball Photos (actually, that would be Ron and me!), we want to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

This is also a good time to extend a special word of thanks to our great contributors who have added so much to the quality of our page this year: Author Ron Waldo, Kyle McNary, Kevin Mitchell, and Kevin Trusty.

And, of course, a huge, heartfelt “thank you” goes out to our resident baseball artist, baseball researcher par excellence (unquestionably one of the best in the business), and our good friend, Don Stokes. Whenever we need research on anything involving baseball history, we just ask Don…and he always comes through! Over the years, Don’s colorizations have become one of the most popular features of our page and he’s developed a large, well-deserved following of his own. We couldn’t be happier for him; and we’re pleased to have him as part of our team.

As another year comes to an end we’re very proud that our Old Time Baseball Photos Facebook page has grown to over 72K followers since its founding by Ron 3 1/2 years ago. I joined the “team” shortly after. It’s been a very gratifying experience for us both. I don’t think either of us thought we’d still be at it into our fourth year. We’re grateful for the positive feedback we continue to received. It always serves to make our humble efforts worthwhile.

It may be the middle of winter on this Christmas day, 2017, but baseball is still on our minds. (By the way, it’s only 94 more days until Opening Day!). So to inject a little baseball “cheer” into our celebrations today, just click on the link to see a nice holiday season photo collection I put together that I’m calling “Baseball and Christmas Through the Years”:

And what could be a more fitting way for all of us who love baseball history and old baseball photos to celebrate the Christmas season than with this beautiful Babe Ruth colorization by Don Stokes. I included a link to the actual footage of the event where Babe played Santa for 50 polio victims at the Astor Hotel in New York. I’m not sure how the kids reacted to seeing Babe’s beard falling off, though. From the look on the little girl’s face in the photo, she apparently wasn’t sure what to make of it. Oh well, that’s the Babe!

We all know of the Babe’s fondness for children. It’s a big reason why he became such a beloved figure in American history. All these years later, we still cherish memories like this one that he left us. Let’s face it: There’ll never be another Babe!

Again, on behalf of Ron, Don, and all our great contributors: “Merry Christmas to All!”

Gary Livacari


Photo Credits: Babe Ruth colorization by Don Stokes:; All others found on Google search

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  1. Paul Doyle · December 27, 2017 Reply

    I am amazed at the continued fascinating old baseball photos you accommodate with your just as fascinating articles. Thanks and best wishes for a happy new year…
    92 more days until the shout of “Play Ball” rings out for the start of the regular season.

  2. Paul Doyle · December 27, 2017 Reply

    I just purchased your WS book on Amazon (hard copy). Can’t wait.

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