Salute to the Dead Ball Era: 1916 Yankees

Salute to the Dead Ball Era: 1916 Yankees

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 Salute to the Dead Ball Era: 1916 New York Yankees

Here’s one all our Dead Ball Era fans should enjoy. While doing my research on the 1916 Giants and their 26-day winning streak the other day, I came on to this great photo of the other New York Dead Ball Era team: the 1916 New York Yankees. I did the player ID’s for this one, but I was greatly aided by Don Stokes, confirming the names I already had, and adding some of the players I was missing. Unfortunately, there were a lot of players on the roster who are not in the team photo, but it’s still a great pic. 

Here’s the names:

Top Row, L-R: Ray Fisher, Ray Keating, Allen Russell, Slim Love, Dazzy Vance, George Mogridge, Neal Brady, Mike Cantwell. Front Row, L-R: Urban Shocker, Cliff Markle, Thomas Blodgett, Bill Piercy, Dan Tipple, Bob Shawkey, Nick Cullop, Sammy Ross.  

The 1916 season was the 14th for the Yankees in New York. They finished 80-74, 11 games behind the American League champion Boston Red Sox. They played their home games at the Polo Grounds in front of 469, 211 fans. They had been known exclusively as the Yankees since the end of the 1912 season, dropping the name “Highlanders.” They were still five years away from their first pennant in 1921.

The team left Hilltop Park after the 1912 season and played their home games at the Polo Grounds until Yankee stadium was built in 1923. In addition to manager Wild Bill Donovan (who was killed in a train accident in 1923), there are two other Yankee managers on the roster: Bob Shawkey and Roger Peckinpaugh (not pictured). There’s two future Hall-of-Famers on the team: Frank “Home Run” Baker (not pictured), and Dazzy Vance.

The salaries on the team ranged from the highest paid player, Frank “Home Run Baker” at $9,166, and Ray Caldwell at $8,000; all the way down to the lowest paid Roxy Walters are $1,500.

Although this team didn’t win anything, it was loaded with players who had post-season experience in their past, and many others who made it to the Fall Classic in later years. Here’s the names:

George Mogridge: 1924-’25 Senators

Bob Shawkey: 1914 A’s; 1921, ’22, ’23,’ 26, Yankees

Ray Caldwell: 1920 Indians

Ray Fisher: 1919 Reds

Allen Russell: 1924 Senators

Urban Shocker: 1926 Yankees

Wild Bill Donovan: 1907, ’08, ’09 Tigers

Les Nunamaker (not pictured):1912 Red Sox; and later with the 1920 Indians

Rogers Peckinpaugh (not pictured): 1921 Yankees; 1924-’25 Senators; managed Yankees in 1914

Frank “Home Run” Baker (not pictured): 1910, ’11, ’13, ’14 A’s; and 1921-’22 Yankees

Rube Oldring (not pictured): 1911, ’13, ’14 A’s

Elmer Miller (not pictured):1912 Yankees

Solly Hofman (not pictured):  1906, ’08, ’10 Cubs

Germany Schaefer (not pictured): 1907-’08 Tigers

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Gary Livacari

Photo Credits: All from Google search

Information: Excerpts edited from the 1916 Yankees Wikipedia page.

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