From the Lighter Side! “Four Fingers Means the Fastball, Dummy!”

From the Lighter Side! “Four Fingers Means the Fastball, Dummy!”

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From the Lighter Side!

“Hey dummy…when I put down four fingers – like this – you’re supposed to throw your split-fingered fastball, not your four seamer!”

We do a lot of “heavy writing” around here, so it’s nice every once in a while to just step back and enjoy something simple…in this case, it’s something that innocently captures the spirit of the game we all love.

So here’s a few words I put together to go with it…

I love this photo! Looks like my era, vintage 1950’s!

The reason I love it is because it reminds me that after watching baseball for over 60 years, I still can’t understand the signals the catcher puts down for the pitcher. I know “1” means fastball, “2” usually means curve; but that’s about as far as I can go with it. When I see the signals being flashed, I have no idea what pitch is coming! Looks like these little guys have a better understanding than I do!

In this case, maybe four fingers means “I’ll give you four juice boxes,” or “My mom said we have to be home by 4 o’clock,” something like that. If you have a good caption for the pic, please post it!

Gary Livacari

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