We Made It!! Happy Opening Day!!

We Made It!! Happy Opening Day!!

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Opening Day Photo Gallery
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 We made it!! Happy Opening Day!!

For old-time baseball fans like us, if there’s a better day of the year than Opening Day, I’m not sure what it is!

In the featured photo below, it’s Opening Day 1923 and we see the Yankees parading on to the field.

Click on link to see a nice photo montage I’m calling “Memorable Opening Day Festivities!” It features scenes from various Opening Days over the decades. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Just to put you in the right frame of mind on this wonderful day, here’s a few words about Opening Day I found on Wikipedia. I think we can all agree with the sentiment:

“For baseball fans, Opening Day serves as a symbol of rebirth. Writer Thomas Boswell once penned a book titled, “Why Time Begins on Opening Day.” Many feel that the occasion represents a newness or a chance to forget last season, in that all 30 of the major league clubs and their millions of fans begin with 0–0 records.”

“Opening Day festivities extend throughout the sport of baseball, from hundreds of Minor League Baseball franchises to college, high school, and youth leagues in North America and beyond. Since Major League Baseball generally starts their season first among professional leagues.”
Let’s get it on! Good Luck to all baseball fans! Let’s hope your favorite team does better than expected!

-Gary Livacari

Photo Credits: All from Google search; Colorizations in gallery by Don Stokes

Information: Excerpts edited from the Opening Day Wikipedia page.

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